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Budget and Contract Director Featured

  2021-09-14     The Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz     1740 17th Avenue     $28.84-$33.09 hour  

Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz

Budget and Contract Director

General Description

Under the supervision of the Executive Director and Finance Committee, the Budget & Contract Director is responsible for developing, monitoring, training and reporting for all program, project, grant and contract budgets using large and complex chart of accounts for $4.3 million in budgets across 80 grants and contracts.  With 80% of revenues for the agency coming from Government grants and contracts at the local, state and national level, this position is also responsible for maintaining grant and contract file systems, managing submission of timely and accurate reporting for all grants and contracts and submission of monthly claims/invoices for all contracts.  This position is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the Finance Committee

Functions and Duties

1. Manage timely, accurate contract compliance, reporting and billing system with a high degree of transparency and accountability for maximizing cost recovery and clean audits annually.

a. Invoicing using several different methods against 20-30 specific Government Contracts every month, including:

  i)   Ability to use line-item expense reports from Quickbooks to prepare detailed, line-item Cost Reimbursement Invoices;

  ii)  Ability to use aggregate cost information and service productivity reports to produce pay for performance invoices according to negotiated rates;

  iii) Ability to identify and flag budget to actual variance trends.

b. Request and understand Quickbooks Revenue/Expense and detailed Account reports; use basic Chart of accounts to correctly request needed reports from Accountant each month as excel files; reconcile to contract & grant budgets; identify & investigate incorrectly allocated expenses compared to contract budgets in excel workbooks; produce and submit invoices.

c. Communicate with program staff to gather and attach any productivity or service reports required in contracts.

d. Correctly enter information about billing and payments in a Filemaker grants tracking database.

e. Weekly productivity reports tracking time and work product required.

2.  In collaboration with Division Managers and Executive Director, prepare detailed annual budgets to be approved by the Finance Committee and adopted by the Board of Directors, monitor budget to actual performance and prepare Jan-March amendments as needed.

a. Research and assist with basic cost allocation of shared expenses across multiple funding sources in line with contracted budgets.

b. Use complex excel budget workbooks to forecast spending for each program, project and division based on historic data, actual contracts and policy/practice changes.

c. Hold monthly meetings with the Executive Director and Associate Director and Quarterly meetings with each Division Manager to review budget performance and make adjustments as necessary.

d. Prepare accurate internal and external Budget to Actual Revenue/Expense reports as needed for analysis, management and reporting purposes.

e. Assist with entering approved budgets into Quickbooks to produce monthly budget to actual reports.

f. Learn new Budget Pack budgeting system, along with the Senior Leadership Team, in January of 2022 for use in the 22-23 Fiscal Year.

 3. Work collaboratively with Volunteer Center leadership to practice excellent stewardship, sustain donor and funder confidence and support an innovative, high performance team of engaged staff.

a. Use shared productivity tools in Google suite and Dropbox to correctly label and retain correspondence, files and records related to grants and contracts for audit purposes;

b. Meet as needed with Division staff to help them understand and use their budgets;

c. Work closely with Administrative/Fiscal Team to manage workflows and productivity;

d. Assist with the development of policy, tools, trainings and guidelines that improve fiscal performance and empower staff and volunteers to make great stewardship and productivity decisions.

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Associate Degree in Accounting and 2; or 4+ years of related or equivalent job experience as a full charge bookkeeper, grants manager budget analyst or other similar position.
  • A working knowledge of Government Contracts and Grants, including basic fund accounting and a modified accrual system of accounting.
  • Accounts Receivable experience, including tracking payments against invoices.
  • Expert with Excel, basic Quickbooks familiarity sufficient to request and understand Fund Accounting reports, basic knowledge of simple data entry.
  • Strong time and project management skills, including managing work on multiple projects and prioritizing work to meet deadlines.
  • Quick learner, with ability to apply basic accounting and bookkeeping knowledge across many different types of grants and contracts following simple instructions or by reading the grants and contracts.
  • Ability to seek support from supervisor.
  • Professionalism, punctuality, flexibility, and reliability are imperative.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.

Plus Factors

  • Experience with non-profit organizations
  • Experience with Macintosh Operating Systems.

Employment Term and Conditions

This is a full-time position with full Volunteer Center benefits, starting wage is $28.84-$33.09, depending on level of relevant experience. Volunteer Center Benefits include: Paid Vacation, Sick Leave, Holidays, Floating Holidays, Health Insurance and access to other employee optional benefits.

The Volunteer Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all qualified applicants. The Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County does not discriminate against volunteers, employees or clients who meet eligibility guidelines for any Volunteer Center programs.  If you think you have been discriminated against, please call the Executive Director at (831) 427-5070

To Apply for this position

To apply for this position, submit it a resume and the answers to the Questionnaire below to:  Please reference Budget092021 in the subject line.


Please answer these questions succinctly to give us an idea of your knowledge of relevant accounting practices. (You may answer on a separate page)

1. Please describe different cost allocation methods you have used in the past to properly account for shared expenses within an agency or business.

2. If you were given two years of line item, detailed expenditure reports for a program, what other information would you need to accurately develop a budget for that program?

3. A single program with 3 staff members and one location is funded with 4 different government contracts.  Each funder expects quarterly budget to actual reports, using different line items in their reporting.  How would you set up and manage this task to meeting Accepted Accounting Practices and comply with the conditions of each funder?

4. Have you ever prepared for or participated in an Audit or Fiscal Review with an outside reviewer?  How would you prepare for this task?  What have your past results been from such reviews?

The Volunteer Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all qualified applicants. The Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County does not discriminate against volunteers, employees or clients who meet eligibility guidelines for any Volunteer Center programs.  If you think you have been discriminated against, please call the Executive Director at (831) 427-5070

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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