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Ultimate Social Media Job Searching Guide

Our Friends at wrote this awesome guide to help you find a job using social media!

Written by Brittany Wilson
June 18, 2017

Using social media when job hunting can be a daunting process! We fully understand how difficult it can be to get your head around all the social media jargon and complexities.

This guide will clearly walk you through all the social networks, dos and don't, showcase a wealth of amazing statistics and everything else you'll need to have a better chance of an employment offer in your hand in no time!


No one needs to tell you that in today`s ever-changing digital age, a job prospect who can use social media is bound to come out over one who can`t. This is an average, of course – there are still some companies that prize the “old-fashioned way” over everything else, but for the most part, those fluent in social media are both better prospects for employers and have a better chance of finding the job they want in the first place.

Amazingly, a large number of employers now report they find higher caliber job candidates via a social media search with an incredible 50% increase in candidate quality!! (BusinessWest)

The modern style of business depends on lightning-fast marketing, social outreach and personalized customer service experiences in the online sphere. Anyone who can write a sassy tweet to make a sale, turn a PR nightmare into a Facebook meme or successfully build a Google+ profile (that`s impossible, right?) will find themselves well positioned to succeed in the digital sector and beyond.

Ensuring that you`re proficient at social media in a job or marketing sense is beyond the scope of this article. However, if you have no idea how to use any of the major platforms we will discuss below – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we suggest you take an hour or two and familiarize yourself with these platforms. Note that you don`t have to set up accounts on your own; you can simply skim through a few tutorials and check hout other accounts to get a feel for how it all works.

Recent statistics show an incredible 1 in 5 people have applied for a job they learned about through social media and 13 percent of social media users say information they`ve posted on social media helped them land a job!

If you`re already fairly conversant in the ways of social media, then you`ll be well suited to the topic of this guide: how to use social media specifically to guide your job hunt. Throughout, we will examine this from two slightly different angles:

How social media can help you actually find job prospects and potential employers in the first place, and
How proving your social media capability can improve your job chances
Along the way, we will discuss how to conduct research and reach out to people who really matter, how to keep your job search and online profiles confidential and clean, specific ways to use each type of social media, and how to create an overall system that will help you go from zero to amazing new job in less time than you thought possible.

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