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Loss Prevention Specialist

  2019-04-22     GOODWILL CENTRAL COAST     1566 MOFFETT STREET     16.00 hour  

Goodwill Central Coast is looking for someone to maintain a proactive, integrated and dynamic asset protection program to support Goodwill’s overall mission and goals by reducing or eliminating loss of assets through theft, dishonesty, or misuse and assure a safe environment for customers and staff. Location support for the position is in Santa Cruz/Monterey Counties or San Luis Obispo County.

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  • Maintain asset protection at Goodwill by providing checks and balances that will ensure proper use of Goodwill assets with consistent enforcement, proper use of tools, and adherence to established policies and procedures.
  • Identify and prevent internal and external theft
  • Document apprehensions and recoveries.
  • Conduct thorough investigations of reported and/or suspected company losses and major policy violations. This includes interviewing involved parties and witnesses, collecting evidence and completion of a comprehensive investigation report, and may include use of legal channels to recover any assets that have been misappropriated by Goodwill’s staff or customers.
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with local law enforcement and district attorney’s offices to assist in apprehension, prosecution or recovery of assets when appropriate. Testify in court or in administrative hearings as may be required.
  • Conduct regular asset protection integrity checks at all locations; including retail stores, donation sites, warehouses and/or any other areas that are owned or controlled by Goodwill.
  • Train on, and maintain proficiency in, the Point-of-Sale (POS) system to ensure sufficient monitoring in areas of potential theft and other loss vulnerability. Monitor discrepancies in the discount programs and void logs for signs of misuse or foul play.
  • Monitor CCTV for all locations as a spot check for asset protection and gross violation of policy and procedures, as needed.
  • Become fluent with the operation and functions of the CCTV systems in order to research, identify and collect surveillance footage as needed to investigate loss of assets.
  • Adhere to defined procedures in relation to the collection and disposal of firearms, fireworks, alcohol and any other dangerous or donation deemed too risky or illegal to resell.
  • Remove and issue No Trespass notifications to guests who commit theft, present a health and safety hazard and/or create an unsafe environment due to violent tendencies or intimidation.
  • Perform periodic spot checks on purchased goods inventory at stores and warehouses.
  • Conduct periodic integrity checks on employees.
  • Report any hazardous or unsafe conditions to the Risk Management Director


EDUCATION REQUIRED: High School diploma or equivalent.  College degree preferred but not required.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATION REQ’D: Valid Class C California driver’s license.

EXPERIENCE DESIRED: Two years progressively responsible experience in asset protection/loss prevention, law enforcement or equivalent.

KNOWLEDGE DESIRED:                         

  • Specialized knowledge of asset protection/loss prevention systems, procedures and techniques.                    
  • Familiarity with computer operation and typical computer programs such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Adobe Acrobat Pro.  Comfortable with technology and have the ability to learn to operate smart phones, tablets, surveillance systems and access control systems.              
  • Familiarity with proper interviewing techniques and procedures and applicable laws and penal codes. (this may be learned on-the-job). 
  • Familiarity with Goodwill’s mission and Company policies and procedures (this may be learned on-the-job).                       
  • Familiarity with electronic cash registers (this may be learned on-the-job)

EQUIPMENT USED: Typical office equipment, typical retail store equipment, vehicles, video cameras, handcuffs, binoculars, CCTV equipment, smart phones and tablets. 


  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.  Ability to communicate in Spanish preferred.
  • Ability to drive a vehicle in the transaction of Company business.  This requires a good driving record, and may require the ability to provide evidence of personal vehicle liability insurance.
  • Ability to sit and stand for long periods in order to conduct surveillance during day and evening hours.
  • Ability to coordinate eye/hand/foot movement to safely maneuver in/out trucks/trailers, operate vehicle controls, walk up/down ramps and climb ladders. 
  • Ability to adapt to situations which involve the interpretation of feelings, ideas or facts in terms of personal viewpoint.
  • Ability to understand and accept directions and follow procedures.
  • Ability to influence people in their opinions, attitudes or judgments about people or things.
  • Ability to maintain self-control (including during emergency and/or critical situations). 
  • Ability to deal effectively with the public and work in cooperation with co-workers.
  • Ability to adapt to situations requiring precise conformance to set limits, tolerances or standards.
  • Ability to adhere to safe work practices as documented in Company safety policies; ability to report safety hazards/accidents promptly to supervisor or safety committee member.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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